Terms And Conditions

The Forex Lobby is an educational platform focused on teaching traders the potential benefits as well as the risks of trading Forex. Although the Forex Lobby also provides signals of potential trades, a trader should always practice due diligence and do their own analysis or research on the signal provided before deciding to enter into such trade. Regardless of the success rate of the Forex Lobby's signals, a trader should always enter a trade at their own risk, which is why The Forex Lobby strongly focused on educating the trader in order for the trader to understand why a signal is given. With this information, the trader can do their own analysis and/or research and decide whether or not they want to act on the trading signal which was provided to them. The signal is provided to give the trader as an advantage of knowing where a possible opportunity lies, instead of spending hours on various financial charts looking for opportunities - the signals provided are therefore done with the intention of educating the trader as to what the market may do, based on technical and fundamental analysis and the choice remains the trader's (client) to act on the signal or discard it. It is imperative to note that although The Forex Lobby boasts with a good winning rate on trades, there is no such thing as a 100% winning strategy, and therefore it is up to the trader to practice good risk management in order to protect his/her capital. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Results will vary based on the market conditions. The Forex Lobby will not be held liable due to losses incurred by a trader blindly following signals without doing proper analysis and research, nor by the trader practicing bad risk management and putting more capital at risk than they should. The Forex Lobby will make extensive and repetitive efforts to remind traders to practice proper risk management and to never trade with money the trader can't afford to lose as part of the education provided to traders. The Forex Lobby does not offer investment advice, nor do they offer any investment service. The service of the Forex Lobby is to provide education of the Forex markets as well as signals to further the education of the trader/client. Under no circumstances will The Forex Lobby trade on behalf of a client. A trader should always be aware that trading leveraged products offer big potential returns, but also carries risks. It is important to note that previous results don’t necessarily guarantee future performance – Results will vary depending on market conditions. At the time of publishing, we boasted with a 91% winning rate. Results are based on three trades per signal with each take profit level being a target price. The Forex Lobby Reserves the right to remove members and cancel their subscription how they deem fit. Once a payment has been processed the client accepts the terms and conditions and no refund will be actioned for the month the client is subscribed for.